Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Storytelling with Fabric

I've been a writer as soon as I could put words together, and my first sewing was done when I was seven. I haven't stopped doing either since. This time, however, I've added a bit of a twist. My stories are now "written" with fabric and thread. I've been reading and perusing a lot of children's books and am so enamored with their illustrations. Chris Rauscha is one of my favorite illustrators. Even though I'm looking at paper when reading these books, I can't help but see the illustrations in fabric. When I view artwork in galleries and exhibits I envision my favorites done in fabrics. I see the world in fabrics, as fabrics, and enhanced with threads. The threads create the personalities. Stitches give the elephant the eye in which to see his emotion. With thread stitched into the goose's body his feathers are formed, and he becomes mobile.
Stitch a bit of thread in fabrics shaped like rabbits and suddenly you get a vision of playfulness and friendly conversation on the top of a van and on the back of an elephant.
How regal is he hanging with the elephant!
He looks like he's ready to leap to his friend on the elephant.

The Traveling Circus still in progress...

I'm doing an online class teaching how to make your own creatures come to life with a sampling of my own patterns and techniques on making them uniquely yours. Check it out here. I'm putting together videos and tutorials to make creating creatures not only fun but easy to understand. And, if you love the tie-dye effect, let me know. I'm putting together bags of tie-dyed scraps and embroidery floss for sale, thanks to my fabulous partner, Dan Leo. Gotta keep him busy!

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  1. These are great. I am serious about show. Start pricing. Wait for sun's heat. Find venue.