Thursday, June 24, 2010

McKinney Creative Community

John Denver has a song with the lyrics: "It's five o'clock this morning and the sun is on the rise." Well, I now know for a fact that at three in the morning, the sun is nowhere to be seen.

I decided to stay up all night to get a lot of work done that's been needing to be completed, so what better way than to get it done when everyone else is sleeping?

Well, just about everyone else was sleeping. Here it was still dark out and COOL, and I was just moseying around the square, checking out the new places and window shopping at the old ones when I turned the Square Burger on Urbanspooncorner at Square Burger and saw the owner, Brandon, still working. WTF? Who is awake on the square at three in the morning??? (Okay, besides me...) He wanted to know what I was doing up. Trying to stay awake.

So today, Brandon let me know that when he left the square (sometime after we discovered we were probably the only two people awake at that time in the morning), he saw me standing in my daughter's office in front of the computer typing on the keyboard. "Do you know what time that was?" he asked me when I was in his restaurant at lunch.

Frankly, I didn't know. I was on a mission. I had work to complete, and, baby, I was getting it done. It felt good, and I love feeling good. I promised a man that I would send him 300 words a day on my next novel, and I was cranking those words out. I had an ecourse to catch up on, and I finished all the lessons. And today, I designed the commissioned work that was due and got it to my client. Sweet jesus! It has been a phenomenal day and night.

And right now I'm bursting with happiness. The girls here are laughing at my craziness because I can't stop talking and typing. Caffeine late in the day probably has something to do with that, as does lack of sleep.

So now, it's time to head home and shower. Way too many people have noticed I'm in the same clothes from yesterday. I'm getting dressed and even putting on makeup. (Yes, miracles do happen!) And then it's off to Cadillac's to snag musicians for the McKinney Creative Community. My friends, Tom and Silky Michero, told me today that our community needs to have more men, and musicians would be fabulous, and since I've been known to have a few of them in my life (male musicians), I'm talking to them about this new adventure.

There's a Facebook page called McKinney Creative Community, and anyone can join. We're beginning monthly potlucks in September so we can all come together and create a community of creative people. Right now there's all kinds of artists -- musicians, writers, painters, and we want to include anyone in the healing arts also. Who's not an artist? Who doesn't create a work of art with their own lives? Get creative, have fun, and join us for the time of your life.

Tom and Silky Michero working on plans for our McKinney Creative Community in Square Burger today at lunch

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To Peter

I've had the most amazing week and a half, and I'm still here to talk about it. A whirlwind. An atomic blast. A tornado. And then a calm sea. Painfully, it took awhile for that calmness to show up.

I had a human experience that catapulted me into a black hole where I could do nothing more than surrender. It wasn't what happened to me that was so monumental; it was the craziness going through my head. Sweet jesus! How nuts could I make myself? So much so that I've had the runs for a week, and haven't eaten a full meal in that time either.

Something huge is headed my way. I can feel it. And I need to be made anew for the experience of it. I purged some very old, dry, unnecessary beliefs and flushed them down the toilet. What I know for sure right now is absolutely nothing. I awoke one morning feeling so fragile I thought I would break in two if someone looked at me funny, and then I got mad. I mean I got bursting at the seams mad because who I really am catapulted forth. I could see how huge and powerful I am, and how small I had been playing for so long. It was painful to be little and fragile and scared. It broke my heart open and love poured in.

I look at life with new vision now. I see the sacred in everything. I am in awe. I am grateful. I am so full of joy that it leaks out of my eyes.

I feel a change coming to me that is so big, so powerful, and so loving, that I had to grow to meet it. One of the things that came to me was words from a dear man on Facebook. I was crawling to the computer and using every spare ounce of energy I could muster to check the posts on my wall, when this showed up:

The primary purpose of everything created in my reality is only for it to be "experienced". The secondary purpose for any experience is the opportunity to learn a particular lesson that is unique to the experience "I" am having. It is MY experience and MY lesson...others have just agreed to play a part for us so we can "GET IT." When we don't "RESIST GETTING IT" we hold up the evolution of all participants.
--Peter Blake -- "The Drama to remove the virus and love being human"

It was just an experience I had. That's all. The others were just playing their part so I could GET IT. How cool is that? How grateful am I for their participation? Finally, the breakthrough after the breakdown. Thank you, Peter. I breathed. And I still just breathe. Ah... and then there is peace. I'm reveling in it. I'm soaking it in, and this time I GOT IT. Really. I feel it deeply. There's still remnants of old thought patterns but they're fleeting (and fleeing). Mostly, I sit and marvel at my body's resilience, my spirit's insistence in showing up and being known, and my mind's flexibility. At least one layer of armor has dropped away.

So, to Peter, thank you for your words that I bathe in right now. Thank you for being that mirror that reflects back to me pure, divine love. Not only can I feel it, but I can touch it. In my most genuine way, I thank you for being there for me.