Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nothing like it.

A lot of people hate rain. I happen to love it. Love, love, love cloudy drizzly days. For some reason sun doesn't appeal to me so much, and lately there has been a lot of rain here in McKinney. I've been in heaven over it. Lovely times on the square with cool breezes and wet awnings. Okay, so we can't sit outside so much, but how much did I sit outside anyway? At night plenty. I love sitting outside after patients and clients have gone and it's just us girls sitting on the gliders outside the French doors talking or just sitting, watching people walk by, having some stop and talk before going on their way.

It's my front porch fetish. Many years ago I built a home with a wrap-around porch. I loved sitting out there almost more than anything else. I took the phone outside and talked with friends. I had my Coronas and lime while watching the sun go down in the back or watching my neighbors come home while sitting in the front. I tended to my roses and then came back to the porch to prop my feet up on the rail and watch the mountains past the field. Hawks would fly overhead. Roosters would noise up across the street, no matter what time of day it was.

And through it all, I planned my escape.

On September 11, 2006 I drove down my driveway in a packed car and a moving van following me. I haven't had a covered porch since.

Until now. And it's so much more fun. I've dealt with insurance companies out there, planned events, and sipped wine with friends. I've listened to the live music inside with the French doors wide open and speakers blasting it down the street.

There's something to be said for front porches. My next home would be lovely with a front porch with a swing where I could sit next to my sweetie, drink wine, kiss, and touch in oh so many ways. Ah, my next venture whenever that comes into play. Right now though, I'm focused on doing what I need to do today. Just today. Finish sending paperwork to our insurance billing agency, rewrite the lyrics to our theme song, reschedule the "Abbey Road" album cover photo shoot, and then go to Cadillac tonight to listen to some great music and dance. There's nothing like it.


  1. That is wild about us writing about front porches. You even have "nothing" in the title, too! Here's to the romance of front porches!

  2. I love front porches too. So much to learn just from being there. :)