Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Trying out a new template for this blog as I'm trying out a new life -- again. Well, sorta new life... quit the job and focusing on teaching, vending, energy work, and selling dresses at a place of business here in town.

I quit the job because I decided I wanted to be treated better. Within hours I met new artists (one from Colorado), was asked to teach at a local venue, another request to sell my dresses as After Yoga Wear, and was given an opportunity to shed some light on the energy work I do. 

It all began when I chose to be treated with respect and appreciation. And, thanks to the wonderful man in my life, I was fully backed on that decision. Many opportunities have fallen in my lap, and it's up to me to see where they go. I've been doing research online, writing class descriptions, checking out vending opportunities in CNY, looking at fellowship opportunities and art exhibits, and putting a brochure together for my next talk.

I'm excited to be doing what I so enjoy. I'm thrilled that these opportunities have so easily and readily found their way to me as I have certainly embraced their presence in my life. Just knowing that I spend my time creating a better me thrills me beyond belief. I'm designing a novel-writing workshop that includes art. I'm chopping up t-shirts with my man to serge into dresses. Fun. The way life was meant to be.

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