Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to my life, 2015!

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus, 2014 is over! Oh yeah, there were spectacular moments during that year, incredible creative expansion, exploding business opportunities, extraordinary friends -- new ones and reconnections with others. Oh yeah, there were phenomenal times during that year, but they just took almost the first half of the year to get here. Last year at this time I was still in upstate New York. Need I say anymore? Really? To those of you who don't know... No, I can't even go there anymore. I'm out, and I'm thrilled beyond compare.

Creatively speaking, last year was the greatest experiment yet, but I can feel the juices really revving up for this year. I can not only feel it, but I know it beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is the year I've been waiting for. I feel the experiences, the home, the love coming to me faster than I can think of them all. I feel it in my bones. I close my eyes and swirl in the knowingness of everything that I've been waiting for come to fruition. Magic. Yep, welcome, 2015, and stay for a while, at least a year.

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