Friday, August 14, 2009

Icing on the cake

When I wake up in the mornings, I never know what I'm going to experience throughout the day. I'm always so amazed as it unfolds. Here's my day so far:

I awoke to my daughter's phone, her dog licking my face, and when I looked at my daughter, I saw her lying on top of the covers fully clothed with boots still on. The clock read 8:39. Welcome to my world.

The dog pounced on me, grabbing an arm in his mouth. I struggled to get up, tripping over him as I made my way to the bathroom. Finally, we headed out the door with an empty jug to fill with happy water and leash in hand.

After he took care of his morning business, we headed over to another apartment where a dear friend lives. She supplies me with what we lovingly call our happy water made from a Kangen filter. She so graciously made us coffee while the dog sniffed around the apartment, and before we knew it, we were cackling like high school girls. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus for happy water! There's nothing like it in coffee. I tell you what, that combination makes you feel like you've never left the Garden of Eden! One sip of that tasty brew and there are just no cares in the world.

After my daughter and I got dressed and ready to go out the door, we headed to her spa in downtown McKinney on the square. She took care of a morning patient and then laid down on the couch in the Gratitude Cafe, complaining about not feeling so great after her late night out with the Dallas Defenders, Dallas area law enforcement and firefighters football team. She's the team doctor. I told her she needed a bloody Mary. We were on a mission -- finding a bloody Mary on the square at 11:00 on a Friday morning. Thank goodness for Sauce and bartender Jason because it was taken care of in minutes. I ran into friends who joined us. We ended up having lunch and drinking -- her bloody Mary and my coffee.

Now, she's at The Ritz getting her hair done, and I just got off the phone with Natalie, a friend of mine who works at the history museum down the block. I need information on the history of the building that houses my daughter's Rejuvenation LifeSpa. I'm spending the night in a haunted tea shop tomorrow night with ghost hunters and a Dallas Morning News reporter. The reporter wanted me to see if there's any history to my daughter's office building worth reporting about. You know the typical historical information like was anyone killed here, any ghost sightings, was this a saloon or brothel, or just any typical information that would be listed in historical documents. Yeah, right. And I thought working for a shaman before moving here was different. I see now that working in his office was the only way I would be prepared for living here. What a frickin' trip this life is!

I just received a phone call from another friend who I'm working with tomorrow morning catering a wedding for 50 at an historical building in town. So, after being here in the spa today, I'll be heading over to the haunted tea shop to prepare meals for tomorrow morning. And after that is a wild night at Cadillac Pizza Pub with a local band if I'm not too tired. Because another thing I've learned in this journey called life is that sometimes there's just nothing better than a wonderfully comfy bed with my daughter's dog curled up next to me. Really, everything else is icing on the cake.

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