Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life is but a dream...

I can hardly believe it's been so long since I've blogged. I have a dear friend who even said he'd fix my virus-ridden computer so that I could get back to my blogs. How sweet is that? However, at the moment, my laptop is busy scanning for viruses, my daughter's with one of her last patients for the night, so I'm on her computer finally writing like I love to. I miss being a writer when I don't act like one, that's for sure. And it is a bit difficult to keep myself focused on my writing when there's commotion going on around me. I can do many things at once, but staying focused on my writing while also listening for a cue to get up and work is not really working so well for me right now.

So, what I want to really write about is this extraordinary experience I had Monday night with my warrior group, six of us united from a James Arthur Ray event last March. If you don't know what James can do for you, Google him. He's amazing, and my experiences with him continue to change my life, especially with my warrior family last Monday.

Our "assignment" was to speak and act as we wish we were. When I jumped in on the teleconference I was hearing about vacations, world traveling, book tours, working with the White House, etc. I got so caught up in it all that it became more real to me than what looked real before getting on the phone. All of a sudden I wasn't thinking about my bills or work left undone. I was in Switzerland enjoying a little down time after traveling the globe opening more RejuveNation LifeSpas and promoting my books. They were chiming in with questions and anecdotes that went along with what I was saying. The more we talked the more I believed. The more questions they asked, the more I believed. I knew I could do all that I was saying I was doing. It was an amazing little exercise that made me understand what James has been teaching all along. Focus on your vision and not what you see with your eyes. That's the real secret. Live from the outcome. Live your dreams to make them real. Give them form. Stay focused on that, not on what others think or say. What do you care? It's your life. These are your dreams. Live them. Be them. After all, life is but a dream.

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  1. Oy. I hear you! This works! I know it does. I've seen it happen. I've MADE it happen. But right now I've spent literally months trying to see that vision of what I want to do next and nothing is clear. Every day I think I want something different. How do you settle on just a few things when you know you have infinite possibilities and none of them seem related? :)