Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jill's spot

So, not only did negotiations begin in the House of Leo about my designated spot, but the transformation began yesterday. Here are the pictures I took to document this momentous occasion.

Notice that lovely Texas flag behind the love seat. There is a sewing machine hidden in there somewhere also...

At this point you can see a bit more of the carpet. By the way, the only things that are mine in this picture can hardly been seen at all. Just sayin'...

And with the help of Zane, one of Dan's sons, the beloved Texas flag comes down. Oh happy day!!

And there he is in action! Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!!

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, the flag is down! I am one happy girl! Oops, did I use my outside voice for that one?

And now for a few Jill touches. These are wall hangings I made years ago, and the only ones I have in my possession at the moment. All others have been sold or are in stores in two different states. The one on the upper left was made from my wedding dress and Japanese silk Kimonos. The one in the middle is hand-painted cotton background with silk organza 3-D flowers with gold bead centers. The little one on the bottom right is a commercial print with thread-painted turtles, and the one on the top right is one I did of my daughter's high school picture. Her face is in thread and the rest is thread and fabric. The flowers between the pieces are made from Dan's dyed fabrics.

And this is the finished-at-the-moment spot in Jill's spot. There are more flowers I made from Dan's fabrics on the table. Beside the love seat on the floor are boxes of the fabrics I've accumulated while living here. There are four boxes, count them four, and I've been here about five weeks. I'll need to take pictures to show the blog world what I've been doing with fabrics that show up in my life.

Now for the very last picture until I do more transforming --

The table in front of the window has the sewing machine I'm using under the fabrics laying on top of it. On the other side of the room, Dan has been doing a little transforming of his own to make room for a place for me to cut fabrics, iron, etc. It is soooo almost done, but no pictures until I'm at least able to use it.

This truly wonderful man invited me to come live with him, and is now allowing me the highest possibility of taking over the entire front room. He calls it the Louisiana Purchase. His friend, Eric, calls it Manifest Destiny. In either case, let it keep going!


  1. Jill,
    I love your blog! Love what you're doing with life! So so happy for you!