Thursday, March 25, 2010

Perfection abounds

Life is extraordinary. I live in the magic. I am the mayor of magic. I orchestrate a vortex that rounds it up and plants it at my feet over and over and over. People tell me all the time how magical my life is. I'm amazed when they don't see their own lives the same way because magic is everywhere.

I discovered how quickly it arrives when I let go of all expectations. When I just show up and shut up, when I am in gratitude and joy-filled, it shows up in truckloads.

I had one of the most magical times last week. Minding my own business, walking outside with friends when we were invited to someone's house. This was not any house and it was not just any person. Every time I turned my head there was more beauty and luxury and elegance. It was luscious and extravagant, a small palace for the mayor of magic. I must've drank a potion in his den because I was transformed if only for that one night to be a princess that he served with elegance and grace. The flowing melody of the music wafting through the room, the candles flickering by the windows, the expensive wine, the delicious company. It was all more than I could have ever imagined.

I hadn't been looking for anything or anyone. I just showed up, and lo and behold the perfection in the world abounded.