Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flying Lessons

Several years ago I took up flying. I flew a Cessna 152. I'm taking flying lessons again, but this time it's an ecourse for creative business soaring. Hm, does that make sense? Well, it does to me. It's by an artist for artists. She's made a very nice income from her art and now she's teaching those who want to learn from her. I'm one of them. I've been following Kelly Rae Roberts for years and now I'm a sponge soaking up her business techniques. First thing, I am to write a letter to my future self, throwing out into the universe what I intend in my life. Here goes...

Dear Jill,

I love what you're doing with your life. I remember a time when you spoke out loud at a sustainable living conference in Snowmass, Colorado that you wanted your life to matter. You thought it meant that you had to do something to make it come true. Even though you know that it matters just because it is, you have turned that into a lifetime of legacies that will last forever.

Everything you touch, you touch with the energy of that unconditional love that you truly are. You feel it deeply. You exude it. People around you experience it easily. This is who you are and you're able to incorporate it into everything you make in your studio and every word you write on your computer. This is who you are. You are love. People feel it when they wear one of your garments or view a piece of your artwork. They are changed by your words, altered for the better. You, my love, matter. You need nothing because you already have it all. You have the love you seek because you are it. Everyone you meet mirrors back to you your own magnificence. You are whole and complete just as you are. All is absolutely perfect.

My greatest love and gratitude to you,

I'm sure that's not what Kelly Rae was thinking of when asking us to write this. She was specifically talking about the things we want in our lives, how we want to live and how we desire to do our business. However, the more I thought about my future life, my future me, this is all I could say. It doesn't matter what I do because who I am right now is enough. Is perfect. Is everything. I need nothing. I have it all right here, right now. I couldn't possibly ask for more because I already have it. It's time now for me to open my eyes to my greatness so that I may see the greatness in everyone else. It's time now for me to feel the magnificent love for myself so that I may feel it for others.

This, my friends, is flying high.


  1. Hi Jill-

    I also am taking "flying lessons" and just dropped by to see another fellow Texan artist wanted you to know that you have inspired me to write my letter to myself this evening...I was prolonging doing it and after reading yours I am inspired to do so...Here's to flying high with our creative spirits!

    Jessica Jane

  2. Thanks so much, Jessica. Look forward to seeing more of you on the web and maybe someday meeting in person.