Tuesday, April 28, 2009

leap and the net will appear -- but where's a great massage therapist?

Oh no, another type/delete day. I prefer the ones where I sit before my laptop and move forward without a thought about anything I'm doing. I love being able to go wherever that place is when I write from the heart. My mind shuts off and my fingers fly on the keypad. I love those times. I feel so refreshed and energized afterwards. I feel invincible. There's just nothing I can't do, baby.

I've rearranged the space today, making room for my daughter's and my computers and printers. This is our command center. This is where the billions are made. This is where the action happens, the ideas flow, and excitement grows. Yes! I say YES! What else is there to say? If you're not saying yes, then what are you doing?

What can I do today that would scare me?

I didn't always ask myself that. As a matter of fact, I did everything possible to keep from being scared. It was a mission. When I'd lay my head on my pillow at night, I'd check off the family members and pets who were also calling it a night. Once everyone was accounted for, I would say a prayer of thanks and then beg for another day of the same for tomorrow. Yikes! What an awful way to live. I was always on the lookout for catastrophe. What a bill of goods I sold myself for years.

Then I learned to leap. I found that flying through midair without knowing what was below is the most amazing place to be. I've also discovered that a net always appears. It's a beautiful thing.

I've also rearranged myself -- again. I've put some of my things on etsy.com. My site is called jillluigs.etsy.com. I've only put a few things there so far. I have sooo many things yet to list. I'm going through boxes and boxes of things I've carried around and am now willing to put out there for sale, some for the first time, some for lower prices. I'm cleaning out to make room for the new in my life. Thank God for etsy.com!

Of course, this means actually going through boxes, locating things I've made, taking pictures, writing descriptions, uploading pictures, setting prices, and redoing my site. When I had this great idea, I thought it'd be a piece of cake. Somehow today my upper back is so sore like I've been through a major battle or something, and all I've uploaded so far are five things. I have so much more to do. It means going through a lot of boxes too. Did I mention that already? Since I've moved in with my daughter 5 months ago, I have revamped, re-situated, revised myself and my things so many times. And here I go again. Those who knew me in Steamboat thought I went through many changes then. Oh, you ought to see me now. Every day is a new Jill. I wake up surprised I still answer to the same name.

This afternoon has been spent in the command center, typing, scouring the internet, learning new marketing skills, befriending new people, answering emails, writing articles for ezinearticles.com, blogging, and stretching my shoulders. Where's a good massage therapist when I need one? I would pay one million dollars for the massage of my life right now. And when you make billions, what's a million?

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