Thursday, April 16, 2009

There are now words...

At the James Ray event in CA last week, James talked about how we see only 5%. The other 95% is dark matter, according to the Big Bang Theory in Quantum physics. And what we can see is connected by all this dark matter, so there is nothing we are not connected to. Whatever we put our attention on, is what we create. So one of my friends from last week and I did an experiment last night. We had energetic sex. Is that what you call it? Personally, I'm not sure there are words to describe it. This I know for sure: I had an amazing time, a sumptuous orgasm, and swam in the heavens. And he was in another state (geographically speaking).

Think about it. If there is nothing we're not connected to, then we're already connected to everything we want. There is no need for wanting. What if we can consciously connect to this energy on a regular basis and feel all of our heart's desires? What if we do this all the time? For one thing, we'd see the world without competition. There would be no need for greed or lack. We already have it all, and there's enough for everyone at all times. There's no need to miss someone -- they are with you. Do you get that?

James talked about another concept -- vertical time. Everything happens in the now. There's only now. So, all you've ever wanted to do or wished you hadn't done is happening now. It's all now. It's only now. See if you can wrap your head around that one. There are many universes. You put your attention on one of them and that's the one you get to play in for the moment. You don't like the one you've chosen? Then change your focus. Don't get caught up in what appears to be happening. Pay attention to only that which you want. It's a beautiful concept, but so many of us get tripped up on it. (I'm speaking from my own experience.)

So, I have this conversation with my friend who lives in another state. We tell each other how we would like to be together physically, but until we are, what would it be like to be together at the same time energetically, and do it on a conscious level?

We chose 11:00 at night, just a few minutes after our conversation. I needed to finish up some last minute work items, but suddenly noticed that I couldn't concentrate on them. My computer shut down and my head felt light. When I laid down washes of energy floated above me and then into my whole body. They danced with my own energy field and it was ecstatic.

What else can be done with this energy field? The possibilities are limitless. What does this mean for how we see our worlds? And how we live in them? There are no words...

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  1. I have to say that the title amuses me. I meant to write There are no words..., but now showed up instead of no. After 5 days with James maybe no is not in my vocabulary...