Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There are many things I have learned in this amazing adventure called life, and the one that keeps occurring to me is to just show up and shut up. No matter what, it always works out better than I could ever imagine.

I'm also learning -- again -- that I'm still not thinking big enough. this a life-long lesson? God, I hope not.

And if it is? So be it.

I made the very distinct and absolute intention of going to every James Arthur Ray event this year. The investment in such an adventure is up there a bit, and I had no idea how that was to be accomplished. Oh well, not my job. James taught me to focus on the reasons I want what I want and not on how to make it happen. So, I did, and lo and behold, the universe provided me with great opportunities to make sure I was accurate in my desires. A well-meaning friend did her damndest to shit all over my lovely parade, credit card companies canceled my cards, work dried up --- blah, blah, bah...

In the past I might've decided to squelch my desires, but not this time, baby. I stood up and yelled and screamed at the top of my lungs that I AM going to every James Arthur Ray event this year with all meals, lodging, and airfare paid for easily and effortlessly. Period. No holds barred. If I'm going to be a team player in this game of life then I'm going to play full-on.

And then the universe stepped up to the plate. Within 24 hours, I might add. James says the Universe likes speed. Well, I've been on the fastest ride of my life since. I have been given the keys to the kingdom, my kingdom anyway. I spent the day with a brand new friend who became family immediately. She's an investor in a brand new internet company that is rocking the world. I joined her. I also "found" everything I need to grow my own clothing business without me having to do all the work. I discovered how to streamline the manufacturing of it so easily and with LESS expense than what I was doing before, and a new market for my product slammed into my front door. Well, of course, I had to let them in and say, "YES!"

Sweet mother of god, just writing about it this morning takes my breath away.

And my wonderful James Ray has provided me with so many people and tools to guide me that the only way I can fail is if I don't attend his events, if I don't listen to his words and put them into practice. Setting my sites on what I want is truly the greatest gift I can ever give myself. James has just offered me his hand to walk through this process with him. Is it easy? Absolutely not. He says the greatest competition we'll ever have is between our disciplined and undisciplined mind. Amen. It's a matter of vigilance, to be constantly aware of my thoughts, and switching them to what it is I want to think about.

And as I walk this path, sometimes I stumble over rocks and slip on wet pavement, but through it all I notice one major difference --

his grasp on my hand gets tighter, as he lifts me up.

James, this is my vow to you -- I pay it forward.

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