Friday, April 24, 2009

Follow the yellow brick road...

Yesterday I got an interesting phone call from a very dear friend who's doing the critical six along with me. He brought up something that I feel is very prevalent, but not really talked about because I think we just don't admit it. Doing the critical six was something he put off doing because he gets what he wants so quickly that it scares him! I loved hearing him say it. He talked about how he could visualize something and within a very short time it would come to pass. Guess what? This is how it works when you're in alignment with your source. OMG! How cool was this discovery. I loved our conversation. I loved hearing him be so honest. I loved that a man could open his heart and speak his truth without hesitation. You did it, my friend, and once you observe it, you're not it. (As James would say)

Yes, he admitted to being afraid of how powerful he really is, and isn't that the truth about most of us? If we were to really dig deep and admit our own truth, this would be the conclusion of why we're not reaching our goals. It's not because we're afraid of failure. We're afraid of success. When we reach for who we know we really are, then we have to step up to the plate to be it. It takes courage to be that person. As James Ray told us over and over a couple of weeks ago, "Change is hard. Not changing is harder."

What scares you the most?

When you sit down and really look inside yourself for what you want in this life, it's the realization of who you must become to have what you want that is the most scary. It's not about having any of those things (the house, the car, the mate, etc.), if you were to be really honest with yourself. Having things does not bring you happiness. I know. I built the dream home I was planning on living in the rest of my life. I was married to someone I intended to be with until death us do part. Not once did I look at who I had to be to have those things in my life, but what I discovered was that living in that dream home with that husband was the quickest way for me to shrivel up and die because who I had become to HAVE those things destroyed who I really was.

So now, I look at who I want to become first and foremost, and then what kind of playground and playmates I'd like to put in my world. It's interesting because I'm finding that the more I reach inside me and discover who I am, the less people I have around me. I feel the vibration I choose to radiate from is not in resonance with the majority of people. I've discovered how lonely this path can be. It still hasn't stopped me. I choose me first. I choose to dig deep, to excavate who lies within and project out what I uncover. I know those that do resonate with what I find on this dig will show up eventually.

I've been meeting some along this trip. I've met them at the James Ray events I've attended. As James says about coming to his events: "What else are you going to do?"

As I sit alone, journal alone, communicate with my James Ray family all over the country, I know that his question rings true for me. This is a path that leads to Oz, the Emerald City, and this time there is no man behind the curtain because there is no curtain. It's disappearing and the illusion falls away.

All there is is love.

All there is is safety.

We are always and only provided for at all times. Anything else is a myth we were trained to believe.

Just follow the yellow brick road. It leads to the Oz of your dreams.

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  1. Love your blog! You are so right, when you are in the "vortex", as Abraham-Hicks says, (in alignment) you are happy and connected to source energy! This is when your desires, intentions, come to you with the speed that is sometimes shocking. The more you keep in the vortex, the more you will get used to having your intentions show up. Now you are in the "now" present. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate you and your thoughts, keep them coming!