Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Critical Six

It's not the name of an action movie; it's something to do every day to change your life forever. Never heard of it? It's been around for most of last century if not before. Napolean Hill talks about it in Think and Grow Rich.

James Arthur Ray espouses it in his teachings. As a matter of fact, he makes it homework for those of us who participate in his events. And last night one of my groups from James' events set us up to begin doing it again. It's now 3:18 in the afternoon and I haven't gotten myself away from the computer and am almost done with the Critical Six.

This is part of my new programming. This is my new way of life. This is what I do to achieve more because I deserve more. I deserve only the finest life has to offer, and the only way to bring it to me is to be the finest life has to offer. It's the Law of Attraction. Be what you want to have. Match the vibration. Resonate with what you want. Feel it, breathe it, be it. Ah...the finest.

James Arthur Ray says," Don't ask for an easier life. Wish to be at your finest."

I told a friend on Sunday morning that what he had to offer me was not enough. I've never turned down something as wonderful as that. I did this time because I want more for myself. I want the best. I told him that I intended to be with one man, and that one man would be a master in life, one who knew who he really is and lived it. One who would show up at my door and take me to a private jet for a quick trip to an island oasis for a week of massages by the ocean.

This friend of mine didn't know what a master was. That baffled me because he's been to more James Ray events than me, and the one thing I've learned from James is what a master is. James teaches that from the stage because James is it. James knows who he is and why he's here. James knows his purpose and lives it with passion. That's a master, someone who makes no excuses for anything he does and pursues it with elegance. It's someone who listens without pushing, someone who makes people feel better about themselves for having been around them. A master does not proselytize, preach, or convince. A master is. A master walks in the room, and the energy shifts to a higher vibration. Those in resonance with it, recognize it. Those who are not, may never feel the difference.

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  1. I love the master idea you brought out. That is priceless much more it is profound. I believe I felt that vibration situation your talking about watching a DVD of Genpo Roshi. Just from WATCHING A DVD, i felt his vibration come thru. I just learned a life changing idea I'd like to share with our warrior group next time or maybe even email if I could grab the chance. Much love, Jill talk with you later ;)