Friday, May 8, 2009

Grab the popcorn and watch the show...

It seems forever since I last wrote a word in here. I've been engrossed in internet marketing and sex. I've been reading every email and blog about blogs. I've been listening on the phone while a friend tells me what he wants to do to me the next time we see each other. Somehow or another, the two have become intertwined and I see blogging as orgasmic. Hm... Or, is sex another form of internet marketing? How sexy can internet marketing be anyway? Think about that one the next time you're writing an article or a blog. Think about how juiced you could possibly get while focusing on driving traffic to a website.

Of course, knowing that someone is thinking about me right now while I write this also puts a different spin on the writing process. I'm not just thinking with my head. Can women do that? Can we have more than one head? Something to consider when your crotch directs your thoughts...

He's in another state working away, talking to clients, making phone calls, answering emails, writing up invoices and estimates, and driving his truck all the while thinking of how he's planning on ravaging me upon arriving in my town soon. He loves to call me and tell me what he's going to do when I come into the hotel lobby wearing the dress he bought me.

I was watching a YouTube video produced by the Leap! people about how we are all connected. Using a black dot with a white background, they show how there is nothing we are not connected to, how we are everything. So, using that line of thinking when my friend does his play-by-play action of what we will do together how exactly does it affect me? And if we are all connected, is it not me doing the thinking also? Is it not me conjuring up the fantasies and creating the sexual tension in both of us? And that would mean that the both of us is just one of us. That his fantasies are mine, that his desire for me is mine also. That his loving me is my loving myself, and my loving him is just one monstrous lovefest all around.

And -- if we're all connected, then when we conjure up these visions of how we are going to treat each other and we vibrate at that level of excitement, how does it alter the energy in the world? How does it affect people who resonate with that vibration?

I spent a week with James Arthur Ray learning about the world as an illusion. I see the world of the physical as waves of energy that I create with those who choose to participate with me. I create a dream where the actors and I have made agreements on how we are going to teach each other the lessons we are here to learn. I live this dream in full knowledge that those around me are only playing their roles, that they are truly bigger than they appear, and that the body suits they wear are only their costumes.

This thing we call life is only a play, a movie that we direct either consciously or unconsciously. And with this man in my life it has become so much more fun, more juicy, and more alive.

And if we are all connected, hasn't he always been here?

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