Monday, December 23, 2013

It is Done!

I watched this video this morning and realized how much of what Abraham is voicing is exactly why I am on the path I'm on right now. I can look back at all the twists and turns my life has taken and see the resonating vibrations that attracted to me exactly what I was putting out. And so it is right now.

For the past three years especially I have been immersed in the physical world depriving myself of the experiences in the spiritual realm that I had so enjoyed for years previously. I chose that path for a reason -- to truly and deeply know beyond a shadow of a doubt what I really wanted in my life and how I wanted to be right now. That decision catapulted me out of a relationship, a town, a house, and a way of living that I had embraced for three years. That decision spit me out so quickly that right now when I look back on the people and situations that arose I am amazed at how brilliantly, succinctly, and serendipitously it has all played out. This is another reason why I know that I am following my heart right now. My soul is blossoming. I feel connected so clearly that I have opened up to the world that I had left behind years ago. This time though I'm showing up with more clarity and more maturity to not only accept who I am, but also to be so willing to be that person, that magnificent being.

I feel the universe bending to my desires. I hear the applause of angelic beings hip-hip-hooraying that I have finally agreed to participate fully and lovingly. I am spreading my wings that have been encapsulated in the cocoon of my own making, and it draws to me the exact conditions that I so desire. I am engulfed in deep love and gratitude to all who have made this transition possible. My wish has been granted, and I know it is done.

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