Friday, December 20, 2013


Every morning I awake to a soft environment, one that places me at ease. It's uncluttered and feminine. I breathe  with such ease and welcome in the morning air knowing that I don't know what is next. I am very familiar with the unknown now. I've made it my friend. It's kind and gentle with me right now, but I do feel the known creeping in. Directives are amping up, and clarity forms. Ah... Either way, I'm okay. Here's what I do know -- What lies ahead is magnificent. It is what I've been waiting lifetimes for. I feel it. I revel in it. I bask in it. My breath calms. My heart beats softly, and smiles come easily.

I have watched today unfold as one beautiful experience after another appeared. Kindness and compassion have been the rule of the day. I have been moved to tears by the absolute generosity of those I haven't even met yet. My heart has blossomed. I have learned to love all, the sadness, the dissipating anger, and most of all, the infinite amount of love and light that have been pouring into my home in quantities that I've never experienced before.

I have learned that there is no need to worry about anything. I have learned to let go of the cliff and jump, to drop my hands from the steering wheel and allow Source to take over. Because of these lessons my life is a series of unfurling miracles. I. Am. Touched. Deeply.

For now, I am out of words to express my deepest gratitude for all.

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