Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Moving Forward by Going Back Where I Belong

Back in 1970 my life took a slight turn. I heard John Denver's music and never remained the same. It was certainly not popular to be a John Denver fan, much less a Texan who moved to Colorado four years later because of him and his love of the state. My dream had been to live in Aspen. I thought that dream had fallen by the wayside, but lo and behold all these years later I find it to be alive and well in my heart.

I've been to Aspen several times. The first one in 1975. Every time life would become too much for me, I'd head to Aspen. As a wife and mother I ventured there several times to get closer to what felt good to me. I've been to John's house. I've been to his Windstar Foundation more times than I could count. I've been up close and personal with his jet at the Aspen airport, but what I didn't count on was the relationship I would have with him after his death.

In 2004 I had what has since been known to me as an incredible spiritual awakening, and it was John Denver-inspired. I learned that he was almost constantly with me providing me information of what I needed to do next. I had just built a magnificent dream home, and I was readying myself to move out of it after just a year of being there. I was ending a 27 1/2 year marriage, and I was training to become a pilot. And the desire to move to Aspen amped up tremendously. I tried for two years to get myself situated in that town but with no luck. Instead in an instant my life plan changed to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a town where I knew two people and been to just two times. I never felt it was home, but the situation opened up and I slid into town. I remember looking in my rearview mirror on my way down my driveway the day I was moving to Steamboat. I was crying and said, "You better know what you're doing because Steamboat's not Aspen." A snake slithered across the drive, and I slammed on my brakes to keep from hitting it when I heard: "I will lead you to people who will bring you closer to me."

The first person I met in Steamboat was a shaman who showed up in town the same time I did. We both looked at each other and asked at the same time, "What are you doing here?" Neither one of us knew. Within weeks I was managing his office. After working with him and his wife for several months, his wife, Sarah, and I were waiting for him to finish for the evening. She asked me my story about my own spiritual awakening. I told her how it unfolded with all the myriad John Denver inclusions. She asked me if I'd told her husband. I said no. She let me know it was imperative for me to share the story when he came out of his treatment room.

So, I did. I told him all, and I watched his face grow pale. I saw him back up to the front desk and hold onto the counter. When I finished, he looked straight at me and said, "John and I were really good friends, brothers in previous lives."

Through Rob I got to know a John Denver I wouldn't have known otherwise. We began working in Aspen several days a week, and I met more and more of John's friends. I listened to story after story of him. I got to know the stories behind the songs, how they were written and when.

In 2008 I thought my time in Colorado was over. I thought my time with my shaman and John Denver was through. I was wrong. I have recently -- very recently -- been "given notice" to get myself back to Aspen. After years of no signs of John, he's been with me pretty darn consistently now. This time I'm relaxing into the journey because I've already been through so much with following my guidance, and I have never been steered wrong. Every single time I've followed my heart I've been greatly rewarded. Each experience has been extraordinary. This time though I know it's what I've been waiting lifetimes for. This is the show of my life. I'm not sure what it's to look like, but I'm game for the thrill of it all. I know it will be a thrill because I feel it, and I trust the information that's coming to me. I am stepping forward with a touch of fear, but also with happiness in anticipation. Watching the above video made me remember all the times I've flown over Aspen and surrounding mountains. It brought back to me the wonderful memories of how those private flights altered who I was. And now I'm going back an even better version of myself because I'm ready to show up authentically and more sure of who I am. The five-year detour has been a journey of my lifetime, and I am incredibly grateful.

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