Friday, September 24, 2010


Okay, I give up, totally surrender. Man, just got something headed my way that I wasn't even close to seeing coming.

So, for a little background information... Almost two years ago I walked into the library in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to relax before needing to be somewhere else in about an hour. I'm sitting there minding my own business at a table in an area where no one else is around. And wouldn't you just know it? A man comes over and sits at the table next to mine. Grumbling about how there were seven other tables he could've sat at, I start noticing the back of his head, nice hair cut, crisply pressed dress shirt... Damn! This was no Steamboater!

And then he turned to face me. Holy shit! He had me before even opening his mouth. He was my last guy in Colorado. I moved a few weeks later, but not before creating a nice bond between us.

The craziest thing is that I don't even think about him most of the time, so busy with work and play and new adventures and lots of... Well, just lots of. What has happened for almost two years now is that when I least expect it, his name comes up in the oddest ways. He doesn't have a common name, but it always, and I do mean always creeps up when I least expect it. And, it comes up in ways that knock me off my feet.

For instance, last night I was sending messages back and forth to a man who's coming out here next month, and we were discussing what we were planning on doing. Now, in his messages to me he would use a little symbol just for grins really. Well, in the middle of the night I kept seeing that symbol and was "told" it was an Indian symbol and I needed to look it up.

I just did. The Indian symbol's meaning in English is the very same word as the Colorado guy's name. WTF?

Knocked me off my feet -- again. Why does his name come up over and over in the strangest ways possible? Just when I think I'm moving on and getting involved with someone else, there goes his name -- again.

I give up. I surrender. And, I just go on about my life because it really is just another crazy day in a series of them...

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