Friday, September 3, 2010

Sexing It Up!

Let me make love to you,
as I bring my head
beneath your loins,
in the nectar of your meadows,
press my warm lips
against your wet and fiery ones,
kiss them hungrily,
lick them,
bite them,
delve into them
with my fervent tongue,
devour you,
and taste of your essence,
as you squeal my name
amid pinnacles of pleasure.

This is an excerpt from "Amid Pinnacles of Pleasure" by Richard Gary Butler. I recently got his ebook called Come With Me, (on his website) and I haven't stopped reading the poetry yet. I spent my morning absorbing it and then writing my course curriculum for workshops on Sexing It Up!

I've discovered that how we show up with sex is how we view our world.

I love sex. Love, love, love it! Love to visualize it, savor it, experiment with it, and surrender to it. I love to wear a shelf bra and let my nipples rub against my blouse. It's sensual, seductive, and juicy. That's how I view my world, my waiting lover, my sensual, seductive, juicy lover. I open my arms wide to the experiences, the people, the words that show up every moment. I open up to it all, and claim it as mine for the experimentation. What do I want to play with? Who do I want to play with? How do I want to show up? I get to pick and choose at my smorgasbord filled with people, opportunities, and words to curiously ponder, to lightly stroke, and to eloquently speak.

Savor and seduce.

Sunsets, outdoor cafes, milky cappuccinos, bare feet, tight thongs, blades of grass, voluminous sunflowers, glassy water, choppy whitecaps... just some of my smorgasbord. Just a very few.

It's unlimited. Every morning I awake to a new array of choosings. I wake up hungry for the taste of it all. I can't wait to swallow the cream, to stroke the textures, to straddle steel bistro chairs, to dip into the inkwell of thick and tasty morsels of scrumptiousness. Over and over. I can go back to the smorgasbord as often as I please. I don't have to eat all that I put on my plate, and I get to pick up a clean plate each time.

A wonderful, delicious man with whom to write. I'll take a very large helping of that one.

A lovely, loving, gorgeous man with whom to swirl in the sheets. Someone to wake with in the mornings and curl his hair around my fingers. I'll take several platefuls of that.

To sip, bite, chew, swallow, sniff, nibble, absorb, savor, and sink into... ah, the juice of living, the flavors of breathing it all in. I awaken with arms wide open, breathing in the fragrances that show up just for me. I throw off the covers and leap. The flight across the chasm is glorious.

Sexing It Up! is all about curling your toes in the grass, throwing off your layers of clothing, and letting the sun bake its warmth into you. Opening up to the greatness that awaits you. The world is your waiting lover. Every moment is a dip into a pool of bliss. Kiss the sky. Hug a mountain. Climax in a river. Scream in ecstasy in a forest.


And whatever you do, don't stop. Keep swaying in the dance. Swing your hips. Pump your arms. Flex your legs. Drink in joy. Fill up. Empty out. Turn yourself inside out and then right side out again. Dive into the depths of despair. Cleanse. Purify, and surface brand new. New skin to caress, to kiss, wrap up in. It's all for the savoring, every square inch. Every delicious, juicy, scrumptious square inch. Ah, so ripe for the picking and tasting.

Throw off the shoulds and wrap up in all possibilities. Tilt your head back, stare at the stars, and let your clothes fall to the ground. Scream to the heavens in ecstasy for all of this is yours. The world is waiting.

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