Tuesday, September 7, 2010

energy experiments

I love playing with energy. I work with it all day long. I use it to create my world. You do too, but you probably aren't so conscious of it, or maybe you are.

I've been having the most extraordinary experiences with men and their energies. As a matter of fact, just writing about it is revving up my motor. And now, I have access to computerized technology that can calibrate how this energy affects my body.

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm talking about how making love with a man energetically affects my body. I've had a couple of men volunteer for the job, quite readily, I might add, and they both do extraordinary jobs.

Thankfully, one of them texted me with what he does to make love to me energetically. Our conversation went like this:

Him: It's all about setting intent and channelling the energy effectively to produce a rhythmic pulse of sensual intensity.

Me: What did you experience?

Him: The initial twenty minutes of focusing on you, finding you, then visualizing the experience, then into sleep and the dream of you - the experience magnified and colored by the freedom of the dreamworld... Then finally waking and feeling more strongly energized than for days.

Me: Wow... I still feel you on me and in me. Woke up feeling that way. For me it was pure pleasure of feeling every inch of me being caressed. A very LOVING experience, not about sex.

Him: Yes, that sounds right... I still feel the connection... Sex may form part of the vessel through which the energy is carried but it is the experience of closeness and connection that is delivered which is relevant and still present.

Me: I felt like I was being kissed all over my face and that is something very new. The energy was so loving and real and when I woke up this morning the first thought was: I have been well loved.

So, why am I interested in playing with energy like this? Because I'm discovering more and more that my energetic world is creating my physical one. When I play in the energies that feel good, it's amazing what shows up in my physical world.

I've seen how this trail has created lovely interactions in my life lately, the most noticeable one being that men are showing up in droves. I come from a place of already having a man/men in my life. Energetically I feel men all day long, and in my physical world they come. I get phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, emails, dates, etc. all day long from men, lovely, attentive, gorgeous men. When I go out, men I've never met before buy me drinks and dinner. This has never happened to me before. Never. When you change within, the outside changes. And what I've changed is how I feel about myself. I feel love for myself, and I feel so very loved by others.

That's what I want to impart in this blog. That by paying attention to our energy and creating passionate relationships with ourselves and others, we create that same passionate experience in the physical. It may not show up the same way, but believe me it shows up. When I have nights like I've described here, I awake with peace. I open my eyes to a life filled with unconditional love. Nights like I've described here are done with unconditional love for another being. It's an experience of not only being one with another, but being all there is. It's not only opening your heart to another, but also trusting the other implicitly. It's surrendering to all and allowing another to merge with your very essence and create something new together.

Sex is sex is sex, and how wonderful it can be. Don't get me wrong. There's definitely a time and a place for it, but what I also know is that there is something so eternal when merging two souls. There is something so incredibly powerful when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and lay your absolute finest in another's hands and heart. It is then that you get to know who you truly are. The essence of your very core comes through and gets to play with another, and by so doing that, you expand into someone you came here to be.

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