Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA ...

I can't stop watching this video. First of all I love, love, love her hair adornments and her bracelets. I have to have them. They will be my new uniform in Santa Fe. Dressing up what I got!
I am so in love with myself that I can't help but watching what delights me, eating what entices me, touching what excites me, and loving what shows up. I'm in the most amazing relationship, something that I would have never thought possible, and I'm questioning everything that I've ever been taught, everything I've ever believed in, and everything I ever thought could be.
I am in love with the highest possibility of myself, and I gained this thrill through opening up to a man. I've really paid attention to what I was doing when this wonderment arrived at my heart's door. I had just watched David Deida's videos on sex, love, and spirituality. I absorbed them. I took notes while watching them, and a beautiful man showed up in my office the night I was watching the last one. I went out on an unexpected date with him, talking until two in the morning and then kissing and loving on him for three hours more. Boom! I opened up more and more and more. I was truly ripe for the picking.
And then soon afterward when I flung open my door, in walked an extraordinary man that opened me in a way I've never been opened. I've never experienced an inkling of what love is before he showed me what is possible. Oh, if only I could show you, illustrate it, describe it... If only... There are no words. How to describe the indescribable... Speak the unspeakable... The only thing I can do is live it, be it, dive into it, relish it. I told him that I needed a new vocabulary to explain who I am because of him, because of what the two of us have built together, the palpable energy, the loving words, the infectious desires... It's everything. It's all. I wrap myself up in his essence, and I'm transported home, the place where we originated, the place where all is peaceful, where ecstasy resides, where bliss hangs out. I think of him and whoosh! there I go to that address where love swirls and I'm transported to everything.
To my love, ah...

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