Thursday, January 9, 2014

enjoying now

It's a little after five in the evening, and I'm sitting down with homemade bread, peanut butter, and a cup of coffee to watch "Castle" Season Five with my daughter. The dog is tucked into his bed after a  snack, the coffee's piping hot and croissant halves are coming out of the little oven for Alyssa to enjoy while watching our last few episodes before we're done with the DVDs.

Alyssa and I have both been through a lot last year, and to be able to sit down and quietly enjoy our evening is truly such a pleasure. She and I both have made an about face in our lives. We both ended relationships and moved to new locations. We've both paired down our belongings preparing for the next leg of our journey -- beginning again in Colorado. Going back home for both of us. I want to say that I didn't see that one coming, but when I think back on all my meanderings these past few years, I can honestly say that it all makes sense. It's just that it happened with both of us so damn fast. Ending the relationships and moving to new locations occurred immediately without much thought to them. However, those decisions are the best we've made so far.

Before settling down with "Castle" this evening I made another dress with Alyssa giving me a few designer tips because the dress is really long. I was just going to make it shorter by cutting the bottom of the dress off, but she came up with the idea of making a bustle on the dress. It was truly a stroke of genius. I haven't done it yet because we've been busy cleaning the house and fixing a killer lunch with spaghetti squash and homemade sauce and hot buttered cheese bread slices, and then, of course, settling down with "Castle."

Earlier today we walked into the village so that we could mail several dresses, pick up the "Castle" DVD from the library, and stop for a green bell pepper. It was a sweet walk with no wind and warm temperature. It was relaxing and soul-enriching. I am so loving being in this place before heading west. I've enjoyed this town for a while now, and to be able to visit here before our next venture is truly rewarding.

For now, I'm finishing the episode of "Castle" with Alyssa. My coffee cup is empty, and my peanut butter sandwich devoured. My stomach is full, and my thoughts quieted. I am so in love with my life right here, right now. My creativity has stretched even more. I'm enjoying Alyssa's company so much. We've been doing ceremony together, something I haven't done with another since I lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado while working with my shaman. To be able to align my life with spirituality again has been a blessing. Mysteries lie ahead, and I look forward to them with a smile on my face.

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