Thursday, January 16, 2014

starting close in

I had been feeling  a little wobbly lately. Due to the full moon and everything else going on in space? Hm, could be. I'll go with that one. Today, however, became the magical solution to yesterday's funk. Starting with a dear friend posting on Facebook a link to a poet reading one of his poems. It turned out to be an answer to a prayer.

Here it is.

Start close in. I don't have to figure out the third step, not even the second one. Just start close in. Whew... why I was thinking it was necessary to know so much more than I did is beyond me. I thought I was okay living in the unknown, but for some reason yesterday there was a bit of wobbliness that got purged today.

What's so cool about the link to that David Whyte poem is that it's on page 360 in a book I just received from a friend in California. One of my favorites now. I've read it several times today, and I've watched the video a few times. Beautiful to remember that I don't need to know anything more than to start close in.

Another astounding incident that occurred was that upon awakening this morning I remembered a phone number that I hadn't called in years. As a matter of fact, that phone number has been coming to mind for the past few days, but I've been blowing it off. This morning I called it, and it still belonged to the friend who made such a significant change in my life almost ten years ago. He opened me up to wanting more, and that lead to learning to fly planes, getting a divorce, selling a house, and moving to the mountains.

My first time to Aspen was in 1975 and I stayed with this friend at his mom's house. It was my first time in Aspen, and the experience encouraged me to want to move there. Fast forward to 2004 when he re-introduced me to Aspen, and my desire to move there was even greater. I had first heard of the town because of John Denver. I was a huge fan of his music, owning every album, purchasing each one the day they were released. I'd seen him in concert several times, including Red Rocks on a few occasions. Well, when I finally moved to the mountains it wasn't to Aspen, even though I tried! Instead I ended up in Steamboat Springs working for one of John's dear friends. Now, I'm making my way back to Aspen. I feel the pull very strongly. I feel alignment with it, with its magic, and I'm open to how it shows up and when it shows up because I'm starting close in.

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