Saturday, January 11, 2014

The stage is ready, and the players are assembled. Next...

I am feeling all of my past coming together now to meet my future and create my present. Ah... This is how it's happening. The visions/dreams/possible realities from years ago that I once held dear are coming back to me now in my ever-present moments. This time though they're returning with resonance, clarity, and feelings that they are now coming to fruition. Signs are popping up around me faster than I can even ask for anything to prove to me that what I am observing is indeed creating my now from all that I had experienced previously. My moments from all directions in time are hurtling into my present with such clear magnificence. Could this be what I've been waiting for and didn't know it until right now?

There are so many beings coming into my reality now, beings that have been here with me before, those with physical bodies and those without. There is little difference to me now. I just know they are here as puzzle pieces sliding the missing parts into the order necessary to create the movement of this thing called my life.

If this is sounding nebulous to you, then you are not the one to whom it is directed. Those that are now in my playing field can read my words and understand completely. They are moving forward knowing the parts they play in this realm. Or, at least they resonate with these words and are drawn to them with the knowledge that one day soon the message will be clear to them.

I have been reconnecting with many who I haven't communicated with in years. They are showing up by leaps and bounds displaying their ability to play with me. Their eagerness overwhelms me. I am meeting up with my tribe again, and this time we all have the clarity and maturity we lacked previously. Now is the time to create the reality we have been longing for because now is when so many have awakened and are waiting for us to show up. It's time for us to shine our light brightly and realize who we really are. It has served no one for us to be dimly lit. The time is now. I know it, and those who are a part of this play know it also. I thank you all for coming forward and showing me how my dreams are coming true and the part I play in your own dreams. Welcome to this magnificent stage where we all get to act our parts authentically.

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