Sunday, January 12, 2014

listening to messages

The team is assembled. That was the "message" that woke me up tis morning. That's been happening to me for years now. I awaken to messages that get confirmed throughout my day. I have learned to trust those words more than anything else, especially when I don't know what they mean. This morning though I did know what it meant.

Yesterday I saw a being going back and forth in the hallway. It seemed to have urgency about it. It had more of a female flavor to it than male. She seemed to be not so much in a hurry as much as trying to get my attention to do something other than what I was doing. I paid attention, but didn't stop sewing dresses as I had a custom order to fill.

I awoke yesterday morning knowing that my time here in NY is coming to a close quickly. I had great clarity in what I am to do in Colorado. I am ready to move forward. Ah, and then the female being showed up going back and forth in the hallway, first coming into my vision while I was in the kitchen and then going towards the bedroom. I couldn't see the hallway with my physical eyes, but I knew that was what she was doing. When I was describing her to Alyssa last night I realized even more what she was trying to do. She felt to me like a porter on a train telling me to get onboard, to get my stuff and get on before the train left. She was showing me that I needed to pack my belongings, choose wisely what I am to take with me, and be prepared for a very quick departure. Even now as I'm typing this my heart beats even faster. I know this to be true.

What happened though last night really got our attention like nothing else. It reminded me of the importance of following through with guidance instead of putting it off or ignoring it. Now is not the time to ignore it, and I know better.

After making five dresses yesterday, I sat down with Alyssa to watch a movie. I forgot about the pacing in the hallway, but instead parked my ass. Later I was lying in bed when I heard a noise I'd never heard before. I asked Alyssa if she was okay. It sounded as if she had run into something and knocked something huge over. She said she was walking down the hallway when a bedroom door opened abruptly then slammed. She said she wasn't even near it. Then I told her about the female presence I had seen in the hallway all day. She confirmed what I had felt about it.

And then this morning: "The team has been assembled." The team in Colorado putting the physical together, and definitely the team here helping Alyssa and I move forward effortlessly. I feel the energy shift, and it feels really, really good.

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