Monday, August 23, 2010

Come With Me by Richard Gary Butler

I'm sitting in a coffee shop here in McKinney, Texas with a pile of papers in my lap. These aren't just any piles of paper. Nope. They're Richard Gary Butler's poetry and other writings he has sent to me. I read his poetry daily. It not only soothes my soul, but I'm uplifted and transcended with every word. I don't know why millions haven't bought his ebook, Come With Me, on his sensual erotic poetry. If you haven't bought it yet because you don't know about it, then let me help you. Click here and buy:

Here's just a sampling that's on my lap, and believe me, just reading his words does something very tantalizing and amazing to me.

Come With Me

Come with me,
as I take you where
time swirls
through the hourglass,
and the ethosphere
swells with our energy.

Has my touch
sent your world
spinning off
into the cosmos?

Or did the flicking
warmth of my tongue,
bathing your breasts,
wind you?

Have you felt
this planet shake
suddenly for you,
when my body
slowly melted
within your arms?

And, if you can read those words and feel nothing, then get them translated into your own language, because there is no way anyone can absorb those words, those sentiments and not feel the wetness build where your legs cross. I dare you to sit in a coffee shop amidst your friends and not feel the tingling that begins where the sun don't shine and rises like fire up your spine, igniting every inch of your body with the magnitude of possibilities. I read his poetry and fill up on his magnetizing energy that's loving and pure. It helps me transcend the craziness of life and remain in a blissful state.

So, you come home from a lousy day of work. Plop yourself in a hot bath of bubbles while drinking some bubbly and read out loud to yourself:

Do you feel
my tongue,
like open satin in the rain,
slowly create ripples
in your conscience?

Do you feel the shudder
of the universe,
when my touch
on your button
pulled me into you
like a needful rush
of inhalation
from a deep dive?

Really, how can you not just slip into ecstasy and lap the pools of euphoria? Seriously, people! Wake up and feel ravaged. Wake up and allow the bliss to unfold. Buy the ebook and let the bliss out... Read it every day. Take it to bed with you and let it be the last words you see because you will wake up a more vibrant and rejuvenated person if you're willing to allow the words to enter you.

The poetry in this post is from the ebook written by Richard Gary Butler who has a ton of initials behind his name. You'll have to go to his website to download the poetry and photos and see what else this amazing man does with all the talent he has. Treat yourself. Pamper yourself. And for god's sake, buy the book right here, people.

And, by the way, I am not compensated for doing this. I'm promoting his poetry because it's changed my life. His words are so potent, and I allowed them in, which has helped me transcend the stupid and crazy in my life. Thank you, sweet baby jesus! So, if you read this post and still don't buy his ebook, I won't be bothered by it at all because, like I said before, I've transcended the stupid and crazy in my life. Just sayin'...

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