Sunday, August 15, 2010

raising the baton

I stand before the orchestra with baton raised and upon slicing the air, the trumpets blare. The maestro begins her orchestration of the latest crescendo of her masterpiece.

Last night/this morning was spent with a man beyond all my imaginations. I realized that by being with him, opening to him, I have expanded myself. I have flown into the ethers and back, across continents and over oceans, swimming through clouds, and raising my voice in crystal clear echoes of resounding love.

I have opened myself up to a man, laid myself bare before him, and not only felt safe, but ignited with the very juices of life.

I say yes to me!

I rise up and extend my hand in gratitude for his willingness to be that instrument, that prying tool, that was needed to pick the lock I had fixed into place lifetimes ago. The lock is gone. My heart is open, and I am so ready to keep swimming in this ecstasy, still ready to use my voice to moan and purr and scream to the heavens that I am so fully here, so amazingly alive, and so willing to keep raising that baton.

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