Monday, August 16, 2010

He said yes!

Falling Feather

My timepiece shares
Your visage fair,
Etched upon the hours
That sever
Separate hemispheres;
I in darkness,
You in daylight,
Trade the time
Between existence.
You catch the wind,
I, the falling feather,
While you ride the gale
Of fantasy fixed
Between reality.
I, the wild eagle,
Clutch my talons tightly,
Embrace your quivering quill,
Draw you up with me,
Midst the misty mountain heights,
O’er the threatening thunderheads
To our own electric sky.

Copyright © 2003 Richard Gary Butler PhD DD
I watch the clock differently now. I look at it to see if he's sleeping or up. Is he eating dinner or breakfast?
I want to tell him that I miss him, but I don't. I feel him with me always. There is no place where I am and he is not. And when I feel him, it is an ecstasy that brings my awareness totally away from where I'm standing. He takes me to him. Like right now, I know I'm at my desk, but there's not a cell in my body that doesn't feel caressed by him.
I want to say this sounds crazy, but it feels like the most sane and loving thing I've ever done for myself to be open to a man that has shown up so fully and so vibrantly in my life, someone who wants to take me to depths I've yet to experience. He says that we've barely touched the tip of the iceberg, and yet I feel I've delved deeper than ever before. And we're going deeper together.
I was reading some of our correspondence to a friend of mine in Long Island, and she was magnetized by the energy in our words and the resonance we create together. She told me that it was beyond what she could ever imagine between two people, but yet this is what we're all striving for. That's when it hit me that maybe, just maybe, it would be a good idea to collaborate on a book together, my lover and I.
So... he said yes! Yes! We're writing our experiences together because they are so profound, so astonishing, and sooo climactic. They've changed everything about my life. I view the world through a totally different perspective now. I see through the eyes of someone who has fallen in love with herself, someone who can feel her lover when he's not physically in the room, and view herself through his eyes and know how mesmerizing she is.
This is the most sane, the most real, the most amazing thing I've ever done for myself. I have connected so deeply with another spiritual being that shares a human lifetime with me. I must dig deeply within myself to discover the language for writing about this incredible journey with this man.
I breathe him in right now feeling him surround me. I cannot be any other than his fully and openly. I spread my lips, my arms, my legs, and shout to the world how much love I feel for all, for every single thing I can think of, for everyone I come in contact with, and for every single breath I take. I am deeply and unequivocally in love with life. I have shown up, stood before him, and asked to be flung wide open. He has been the divine within me that has revealed itself as this incredible man who has said yes to me over and over and over. We are the mirrors willing to reflect to one another the most magnificent views possible.

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