Sunday, August 8, 2010

Broken Glass

Reaching In

Share with me
your sentiment and sorrow,
every element contained.
I entirely embrace you,
as tenderly
as you've held my hand
and heart,
without release,
the moment that
with hesitation
and uncertainty,
I gently laid my presence
into your welcoming acceptance.

Copyright © 2004 Richard Gary Butler PhD DD
This poem is written by someone I just met on Facebook. Richard's got some amazingly sensual pieces, but I found myself drawn to this one because, oddly enough, this is what I strive for. I've had extraordinary sexual experiences, but without the complete and honest opening of my heart and laying my pure presence into another's welcoming acceptance, I feel I've missed the mark. Because I want more.
I want the highest of highs of busting my heart wide open and laying myself purely and unequivocally at a lover's feet. What must it take to have such an open heart? What must it take to be that person who can be so wildly, furiously split open and savoring every single moment with delicious anticipation? 
And then, what must it take to allow that lover to do or say whatever he desires and still keep that openness alive and pure and growing?
What must it take to allow a man to take you deeper and deeper, farther than you've allowed yourself to go before? 
It's in the letting go, that we receive the purest of love. Ah, that moment of pure rapture, the moment of total honesty laid before one another like broken glass with all edges exposed. It's then that you see so easily how perfectly you fit together, how beautifully you expand into the ethers with blissful joy because you have touched your god within you and discovered who you really are.
And at that point, you are able to let go, to release your grip on his arms, to lick your lips and taste his juices, and know that wherever he goes, however far away he is, you have become more wholly you and his absence depletes nothing.

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