Friday, August 13, 2010

the magnificence of depth

The Lion and the Orchid

In the beginning,
it was innocence,
that charisma of curiosity,
a sense of fascination and attraction,
an enticing magnetism
that pulled her willingly
into his world,
but the more she became aware,
the more she desired to know,
because the more she knew,
the more she found pleasure
in the way he cared for her,
the way he made her feel,
and the stronger her feelings,
the more she came
to understand
that she had always craved someone
understanding enough to acknowledge
the woman she was,
the woman she had become,
and experienced enough to see
the woman she was coming to be,
someone strong enough
to allow her to feel secure and protected,
to really let herself enjoy this freedom,
sensitive enough
so that she could reveal her true,
innermost feelings,
someone to take her
to that special place
where everything is possible,
where the orchid is kissed
by the lion,
and the torrent of a waterfall
plunges and pounds deeply
into a pool
of clear, warm, fragrant waters.

Copyright © 2007 Richard Gary Butler PhD DD
A man has entered my life, my very being, and I allowed his love to transform me. He has given me the greatest gift imaginable -- the profound ability to open completely and honestly to another and love myself all the more. This love, this compassion, this true-ness is what I'm here for, to open to another, to lay myself completely naked before another and expand exponentially.
I spent the day with him, and am with him still. He is in me. Wherever I go, he is with me. We are one.
Yesterday I did a major excavation that laid open the groundwork for filling the void of what I had released. This morning was more excavating, more purging, more releasing. So, by the time I got to the spa and read this man's messages to me, I knew that the excavations were worth it because I had made space available for filling up with the love we could create together.
Right now, sitting at my desk typing on the keyboard I feel him as if he were physically sitting with me. I can feel his hands as "tiny footsteps" skipping down my back. I feel him. I feel him. I feel him. It's luscious and juicy and decadent. His energy washes over me and I'm ablaze in him. I wrote earlier in my blog (about David Deida and his videos on Spirit, Sex, and Love) that I intended someone in my life to open me up so fully that I could throw my arms and my heart wide open and yell a resounding yes to the universe! Someone who would open me up even more to God and take me deeper and deeper and even deeper. This beautiful man took on the challenge with relish and great pleasure, and I'm discovering the magnificence of depth. 
Since this was my intention to the universe, since it was my desire, the ultimate experience of my choosing,  does that make me the maestro of this orchestration? Or, are we co-maestros and orchestrating each and every morsel of sweet, wet, dripping love around each other, entwining our energies so completely that there is no differentiating one from the other?
I am full. I am overflowing with ripeness, bursting with luscious joy at being able to match the vibration of someone like him. He has taken me "to that special place where everything is possible, where the orchid is kissed by the lion..." I've agreed to diving down that waterfall with him, plunging and pounding deeply "into a pool of clear, warm, fragrant waters." Thank you, my love. Thank you.

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