Sunday, October 24, 2010

back in the Rockies again


I'm watching the porch mobile outside the kitchen window swing in the breeze. Around and around and around. Right underneath it are two mountain peaks still dusted with gold aspens. If I turn to my right and look out that window I see more peaks, more gold leaves, sagebrush and adobe buildings. The landscaping around this house we're staying in has the most diverse flowers, trees, and bushes I've seen in a long time. I don't know what all of them are, but every time I look outside they seem to be talking to me, telling me to make them into something. The dried flowers turn into heads, twigs into legs, sage into skirts. I can't help myself. I went out and bought glue just so I could make them come to life.

close up of Alice's glam

I've posted a couple of shots of Alice so far. I don't think she's dolled up enough, but it's a start. Alice can't keep herself from dancing. She reminds me of Tammy in the grocery store with her earbuds in. Her body is jiving to tunes no one else hears, but she's having a great time. And now that's Alice. Even though she's lying on top of a box with the other creatures I've been working on, she can't stop moving. I find dustings of sage and yarrow on the floor, and I know it's from her inability to keep still.

All the bushes and flowers outside are swinging and swaying. The wind chimes are whipping around. There's movement everywhere around me, and I'm alone in the house, but the last thing I feel is alone. I feel warmth and excitement and sizzling energy. Something's cooking over here, and I feel it. The mobile outside the window twists and turns. The chimes swing back and forth under the porch. There's sparks in the air from so much movement. I sit at my laptop feeling the surges of whatever this is going on around me. I anticipate something without knowing what it is. It's like Christmas morning as a kid when you know, you absolutely know that there's so much waiting for you under the tree. You've been eyeballing those packages for days. You've been shaking them, feeling them, and sliding the tape just a little to get an inside peek at the lettering on the boxes, and now... Yes, right now the only thing that's keeping you from finding out what's in those boxes is the length of time it takes for you to get from where you are to where they are. The anticipation is mounting. Your heart beat s faster. Your imagination goes wild with pictures of every single thing you've ever asked for, until boom! You're under the tree grabbing the first package you can, ripping open the paper without even looking at it until you see the box, until you can open that sucker with wild abandonment and peer inside. The happiness, the joy, the thrill is enough to make you explode. You got just what you wanted...

That's how I feel right now. There's something in the air that thrills me with such great anticipation that I think I'm going to explode with excitement, and I don't even know what it is. But I feel it. I taste it. I smell it. Something's on the verge of popping into our lives with such great joy. We'll finally be able to open that package, and realize what's inside. I'll guarantee you one thing, it'll be better than we could ever

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