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1a.An abundance of valuable material possessions or resources; riches.
1b. The state of being rich; affluence.
2. All goods and resources having value in terms of exchange or use.
3. A great amount; a profusion: a wealth of advice.

Tammy and I have had some interesting times with what looks real and what is real. It's been fascinating to see what illusions, what lessons, keep showing up for us.

Our mornings are the best way I've ever spent my mornings. With hot coffee in hands we discuss whatever is on our minds. This morning Tammy talked about the time she saw Conversations With God, and Neale Donald Walsh was relishing with such gratitude the amazing half burger he found in a dumpster. His family and friends talked about his uselessness, his homelessness, everything less than, and here he was in an utter state of bliss and gratitude for this half burger. Who was really in a state of less than? Certainly not Neale. Who really was the wealthy one? The ones in homes with food on the table but focused on what was wrong with someone else?

I read a status on Facebook yesterday by a man whose profile picture showed him in a suit. He posted a link with a comment about how much better he felt about his situation because the link was about a homelesss man who had less than he did. Hm, I wonder, how does he know? Are we really that shallow of a society STILL to think that having more material things makes us more than, greater than someone else? I bet the homeless man doesn't lose sleep over a bad business deal, or how to pay expenses, or back taxes, or an audit, or a messy divorce, or... You name it. Those of us who have had those moments (for me it was years), and now don't have any of it, would be safe in saying that life is more in simplicity. You can still have mansions, yachts, vacations, etc. but what goes on between your ears about them? Are you attached? Do they express your self-worth?

If you are holding onto things, if your things determine how you feel about yourself or how you look to others, then you are emotionally bankrupt. I know, I was. I didn't know what freedom really was until giving it all away. Letting go of everything gave me the freedom I never knew existed.

I saw two "homeless" men under an overpass the other day. They were eating. They were stretched out looking around them with smiles on their faces. They looked like men who knew they were taken care of. This was my perecption of the scene. It shows where I was coming from, not them. For the first time I realized that having nothing materially could be one of the richest moments of life. The world was these men's home. They had no mortgage, and they got to travel. They got to meet new people every day. They got to be on their own clock and not someone else's. Was it a life I wanted? No. Well, really, yes, but in a slightly different way. I want my home to have a nice bed in it with a gourmet kitchen fully stocked, and still not have a mortgage to pay. And, I have that now. And, I'm very grateful.

When I lived in Steamboat I lived in a multimillion dollar home for free with no utilities. Granted, I was in the apartment above the garage, but it was one fine apartment in a luxury neighborhood with some of the nicest people on this planet. I was grateful, and still am for their generosity and their belief in me.

What I'm saying is that we can create what we want. We must know we can have it, not just believe. It has to be a knowingness that goes so deeply doubts are easily brushed away. Now is the time to manifest what we truly want instead of struggling. Corporate America is the old paradigm. The world is shifting so fast, and I see so many people faltering with not knowing what to do because the world is no longer working like it used to. I'm waking every morning and seeing how to use the universal laws to design the life of my dreams. And maybe I needed to leave behind everything that was once precious to me so that I could truly experience the freedom of nonattachment. There's no army in the world that can deliver this kind of freedom. No battle or war can be fought and "won" to create this kind of peace.

The real war is between our ears, and the real peace is within. I stopped looking outside of myself for that. I am my own peace maker. I am my own creator of all that I want. I am. And, I detach from the naysayers, even if that includes those I love dearly. I detach from the outcome, knowing that whatever it looks like, my peace goes undisturbed. I am this wealthy.

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